About this site

The Parallel Gospel site is a side-by-side rendering of the synoptic gospels plus the gospel of John. A special thanks goes out to the creators of The Synoptic Gospel Parallels site that provided the section headings and verse mappings. The actual bible content for each translation is provided by Biblia and their Biblia API.

About the Synoptic Gospels

The gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke make up the synoptic gospels. They include many of the same stories and a similar chronology. There are also several stories that show up in the gospel of John.

You can find out more about the synoptic gospels at Wikipedia.

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Bayou des Glaises Baptist Church was founded on August 9, 1845 and is pastored by Eugene Carlock. It is located at 7934 Highway 451, Big Bend, LA.

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